Can toddlers really have a boring sandwich every day?

Toddlers are just like the rest of us in that they need variety but variety doesn’t need to mean something different every day. Toddlers like routine. They like to know what’s happening ahead of time so they know what time of day it is. They like routine because it helps them feel safe. My toddlerContinue reading “Can toddlers really have a boring sandwich every day?”

Quick and healthy pasta meals

Sometimes as new parents we wonder what we did with our time before we had children. Time is quickly filled with nappy changes, washing, cuddle time, entertaining and catching up on sleep (hopefully!). We don’t have ages to spend in the kitchen. You are still aiming to have protein, starchy carb and 2 portions ofContinue reading “Quick and healthy pasta meals”

Simple breakfast ideas for babies

I don’t know about you but I don’t have much spare time in the mornings. I don’t put pressure on myself if the children have the same for breakfast each day, I just give them variety at other meals. Here are some ideas for variety though (I must admit, mine have never had eggs onContinue reading “Simple breakfast ideas for babies”