How to get a toddler to eat more vegetables

How do I get my daughter to eat more vegetables? How do I get my son to eat more vegetables? If had a £1 for each time I was asked this I would be rich! As parents we want the best for our children. We know that eating vegetables is ‘good for them’ so that’sContinue reading “How to get a toddler to eat more vegetables”

Top tips for your toddler’s food at Christmas

Christmas is a time of year when routines can go out of the window and when food intake changes dramatically. Toddlers need routine. They need routine to give them boundaries and they need boundaries to help them feel safe. A lack of routine often leads to a tired toddler and an emotional toddler as theyContinue reading “Top tips for your toddler’s food at Christmas”

10 tips on weaning multiples

When I was looking for information about this, I found lots of information about weaning generally but very few tips which would help parents of multiples specifically. All the information on the Weaning Centre website relates to twins, triplets and other multiples but the more babies you have in front of you, the more challengingContinue reading “10 tips on weaning multiples”

5 tips to save you money when weaning your baby

With the rising cost of living, saving money is on everyone’s minds. I’ve been sharing money saving tips on my Facebook page for. I’m going to share some specific weaning ones here: Tip number 1 – see what you can get free When it comes our babies, they grow so fast that lots of theContinue reading “5 tips to save you money when weaning your baby”

Understanding growth charts

In order to work out whether a baby is gaining weight in a healthy way, the World Health Organisation and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health growth charts were developed. There are 2 different ones. One for boys and one for girls. It’s not about baby being healthier if they are heavier, it’s aboutContinue reading “Understanding growth charts”

5 things to try with fussy eaters

Fussy eating can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved. It is important to rule out underlying causes so it is good to see professional help, particularly if your child is losing weight or not gaining weight. A fussy eating consultation will go into lots more detail than I can in a blog but here areContinue reading “5 things to try with fussy eaters”