Mozzarella and Italian vegetable Pizza

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500g plain flour plus extra for dusting
7g sachet yeast
0.5 tsp salt
0.5 tsp caster sugar
2 tbsp olive oil
320ml Water
1 x 210g pack of mozzarella, drained
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 Pepper, deseeded and chopped
1 courgette, cut small
1 tsp mixed herbs
1 tsp Vegetable oil


Combine the flour, yeast, salt, caster sugar, olive oil and water. Mix with a spoon and then tip out onto a clean work surface and knead for 5 minutes. Leave to prove under an upturned glass bowl whilst you prepare the toppings. To make the topping, heat the vegetable oil in a pan, add the onion, pepper and courgette and cook until soft with the lid on. Add the passata and herbs and cook for 5 minutes with the lid off. Blend and allow to cool. It can be a little warm but not hot. Roll out the pizza dough to make 2 x 12 inch pizzas. Place pizzas on a baking tray – or pizza tray if you have one. Spread the sauce over the top (there is quite a lot – it will dry out in the oven). Put the torn mozzarella over the pizza and cook for 15 -20 minutes in a hot oven 220 degrees C fan. Serve with raw carrot sticks or cucumber. This pizza can be served hot and cold. It can also be frozen.


Suitable from 6 months.

For baby led weaning. For purees mix the sauce with couscous and melt in the mozzarella. Cook the carrot sticks before giving them to babies

Portion size: serves 10 (toddler size portions)

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