Weaning, nappies and baby poo

Before I was a parent I don’t remember talking about poo much. I certainly didn’t talk about it when eating but when I became a parent back in 2010, things changed! Explosive nappies (code named PRIs in our house – Poo Related Incidents!), green poo, pieces of food in poo, the smell of the nappyContinue reading “Weaning, nappies and baby poo”

Understanding growth charts

In order to work out whether a baby is gaining weight in a healthy way, the World Health Organisation and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health growth charts were developed. There are 2 different ones. One for boys and one for girls. It’s not about baby being healthier if they are heavier, it’s aboutContinue reading “Understanding growth charts”

5 things to try with fussy eaters

Fussy eating can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved. It is important to rule out underlying causes so it is good to see professional help, particularly if your child is losing weight or not gaining weight. A fussy eating consultation will go into lots more detail than I can in a blog but here areContinue reading “5 things to try with fussy eaters”

Best Bibs for Babies

Before I became a parent I had no idea how many different types of bibs there were. They all have advantages and disadvantages. Here are my thoughts on lots of different ones; in no particular order. Advantages Disadvantages Dribble bib Widely available.Lots of different colours.Easy for baby to wear.Easy to wash. Not very big soContinue reading “Best Bibs for Babies”

Essential nutrition: iron for baby

Iron is a vital nutrient for babies (and the rest of us!). In this article I unpack why, how much and how to include this essential nutrient in your baby’s diet. Why not print the infographic above and keep it as guide. Why do babies need iron? By the time they are 6 months, baby’sContinue reading “Essential nutrition: iron for baby”

Essential nutrition: fat for babies

Why do babies need fat? They need fat in their diet for energy for all the growing and learning they are doing. They also need fat because it contains vital vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. Where does fat come from? Fat comes from oils and spreads, dairy, meat, fishContinue reading “Essential nutrition: fat for babies”

Worried about weaning and your baby choking?

Before you start it is helpful to know the difference between choking and gagging otherwise you might panic lots which won’t help you or your child develop a healthy relationship with meal times. What is choking? Choking is a difficulty breathing because of an obstruction in the throat. Generally with choking there will be noContinue reading “Worried about weaning and your baby choking?”