1-1 Consultations

Spent ages reading up about what might work for your child? Tried lots of things but haven’t found anything that helps? A one to one consultation is for you. Tailored advice specific to your child, your family and your situation.

Whether it is support around a specific diet (eg vegan or vegetarian), help with fussy eating, more specific advice around weaning, or something else, get in touch and we can take it from there.

One to one consultations are £75 per session. This includes all the resources I send afterwards and I won’t try and sell you any products. There are no hidden extras. The number of appointments depends on your needs.

Appointments can be in person or online to suit you.

Client feedback

“Can’t thank Aliya enough for the help and advice she gave me for my 3 year old. She adapted to suit our needs and requirements and gave me total peace of mind that anything is possible with just a different perspective.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is having trouble with food or habits around food.
Service is very reasonably priced for the results you get.” Megan Foster

Do you provide support for adults?

Yes. Get in touch or have a look at the Porter Nutrition website for further details.

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