Simple ways to include fish in baby’s diet

It is recommended that adults have at least two 140g portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily.

Girls, pregnant women and women planning a pregnancy should not have more than 2 portions of oily fish a week though because of the potential pollutant levels. Portions for little people are less formulated but we are looking at about 40g.

Oily fish include salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, pilchards and trout.

Here are some examples of simple meals you could provide:

  • Sardines on toast
  • Salmon pasta – salmon mixed with cream cheese and pasta
  • Fishcakes – fish mixed with veg and mashed potato then shallow fried or baked in the oven
  • Tuna sandwiches
  • Kegeree – rice, fish and eggs with spices for example some cumin and lemon juice
  • Fish pie
  • Homemade fish bites with wedges

Published by porternutrition

I am a freelance Registered Nutritionist with NHS, charity and private sector experience. My passion is for improving health without breaking the bank and spending hours chained to the kitchen. I work with all ages but have specific focus on the youngest of the community as they start their food journey.

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