New advice for feeding 1-4 year olds

This week the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition published a report which reviewed the scientific evidence around children’s food in the 1-5 year old age group. As you might expect they found that children are eating on average: So, no surprises there but here are the recommendations which you may find interesting. Fibre The recommendationContinue reading “New advice for feeding 1-4 year olds”

Simple snacks for babies and toddlers

Snacks are foods in between meals. That’s important because sometimes snacks become replacements for meals but that’s not what they are for. Ideally snacks are given at set times of day between meals (usually 90 minutes minimum between feeding times) rather than constantly available. Why is it important to have set times? Because it allowsContinue reading “Simple snacks for babies and toddlers”

Iron: an essential nutrient for your baby

Iron is a nutrient we hear quite a bit about but it’s not one which most of us actively think about in our diets. Pregnant women have their iron levels checked. Why? Low iron in pregnancy can increase the risk of pre term birth and of having a baby with a low birth weight. Mum’sContinue reading “Iron: an essential nutrient for your baby”

Is processed meat really that bad for my baby?

You may have seen the headlines ‘processed meat causes cancer’ and been concerned. As a parent our natural instinct is to protect our children so a headline like this causes anxiety. But what’s the problem with processed meat and what is it? What is processed meat? Processed meat is meat that has been through someContinue reading “Is processed meat really that bad for my baby?”

Can toddlers really have a boring sandwich every day?

Toddlers are just like the rest of us in that they need variety but variety doesn’t need to mean something different every day. Toddlers like routine. They like to know what’s happening ahead of time so they know what time of day it is. They like routine because it helps them feel safe. My toddlerContinue reading “Can toddlers really have a boring sandwich every day?”

How to stop breastfeeding safely

Your baby needs milk. The World Health Organisation recommends babies are exclusively breastfed til 6 months. Then that they have breast milk alongside food until they are at least 2. This does not come with a whole heap of mum guilt though. If you need to give up or not start breastfeeding, that is yourContinue reading “How to stop breastfeeding safely”

Understanding growth charts

In order to work out whether a baby is gaining weight in a healthy way, the World Health Organisation and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health growth charts were developed. There are 2 different ones. One for boys and one for girls. It’s not about baby being healthier if they are heavier, it’s aboutContinue reading “Understanding growth charts”