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Weaning Centre by Porter Nutrition

Weaning can be very daunting as a new parent. I remember the feeling well. I wanted to give my baby the best food but I didn’t have ages to spend in the kitchen and I didn’t have a big budget. Every baby is precious and I firmly believe that every baby deserves the best food regardless of the budget their parents and carers have.

I have heard so many parents say that the pictures on social media and in baby recipe books look amazing but they simply don’t look realistic. My approach to weaning is to help you find a way which works for your family situation. I will show you the principles of a healthy balanced diet for baby and share experiences from my own journey.

Use the tabs to find the information you are after, and if you can’t find the information you want, get in touch. Your question may prompt the creation of another page of information to help other people or we can have a private chat about what you are asking.

Aliya x

Shortlisted for Paediatric Nutrition professional of the year