5 tips to save you money when weaning your baby

With the rising cost of living, saving money is on everyone’s minds.

I’ve been sharing money saving tips on my Facebook page for. I’m going to share some specific weaning ones here:

Tip number 1 – see what you can get free

When it comes our babies, they grow so fast that lots of the equipment we need for weaning is hardly used. So many parents are happy to give away what their children have grown out of. Check out local sites or ask around and you will be surprised what you can use. Obviously make sure it is clean and safe but it could save you a packet.

Tip number 2 – talk to other people

Whether through forums or baby groups, talk to other parents about what they have used and what their experience was. Highchairs, like buggies, are numerous in type and it’s easy to get sucked into buying a high spec one when a cheaper one would have been just as good. Cheap isn’t always better though – make sure you have one which does what you need it to do.

Tip number 3 – buy in season

Fruit in season is often cheaper. Yes, you might want to offer strawberries in the middle of winter but try to use the fruit which is more readily available if you can.

Tip number 4 – use your freezer

I can’t stress this enough, batch cooking will save you time and money. Freezing in small portions so so helpful. Mashed carrot, cooked apple, cooked salmon or homemade pancakes are all suitable for freezing and are just examples. The freezer is your friend.

Tip number 5 – limit the number of pre-prepared baby food you buy

Whether it’s jars, pouches or frozen baby food, it’s expensive. These foods are great for occasional use but go back to basics and start cooking. I know life can be hectic but if you all eat the same type of food, that helps and if you are able to batch cook, that’s also great. Don’t feel guilty though, some ready prepared food is fine – this article is about saving money so this one had to be mentioned!

Want to save more money?

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