Weaning breakfast ideas

I don’t know about you but I don’t have much spare time in the mornings. I don’t put pressure on myself if the children have the same for breakfast each day, I just give them variety at other meals. Here are some ideas for variety though (I must admit, mine have never had eggs on a school day!).

5 simple breakfast ideas

  1. porridge with frozen summer fruits
  2. Weetabix with banana or cooked apple
  3. scrambled egg on toast with tomato
  4. porridge with peanut butter and fruit
  5. peanut butter on toast with pieces of banana

The key thing with breakfast is to have some starchy carb, some protein (this could be in milk) and some fruit or veg to get some vitamin C to help the iron absorption.

Published by porternutrition

I am a freelance Registered Nutritionist with NHS, charity and private sector experience. My passion is for improving health without breaking the bank and spending hours chained to the kitchen. I work with all ages but have specific focus on the youngest of the community as they start their food journey.

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