How much should my baby eat?

Every baby is different so the amount they eat will be different from your friend’s baby. It’s not helpful to compare (although I know we all do it).

We should be offering small amounts and letting them ask for more. When I say small, I really mean small. Think about the size of their hand, a portion of veg for example, is a handful (this is in established weaning not first tastes). It doesn’t fill a plate. It’s also important to follow their lead and watch out for their cues of fullness. If we override these on a regular basis, this can be unhelpful later down the line.

Cues the are full:

  • turning their head away
  • clamping their mouth shut
  • crying
  • throwing food on the floor
  • playing with their food

What do you do if your baby doesn’t know when to stop eating?

  • Keep an eye on their weight – make sure they are tracking a centile
  • Ask yourself, is this a regular thing or could they be having a growth spurt or are they making up for not eating much the day before?
  • Give them a variety of different foods and let them ask for more
  • Use the portion size sheets I have give you to guide
  • If you feel they have had enough, you can end the meal. If they complain and they have had quite a bit, the chances are they will have had enough until the next meal or snack.
  • If you are worried about them jumping up the centiles, we can talk about the types of food you are giving and whether they need less energy dense foods.

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